Frequently Asked Questions

I have problems every year with my furnace. Why?

Most of the times it is a problem with the installation or your service man is not fixing the problem that is causing the continuous failure.

How long will R-22 AC units be around?

The HVAC market will undergo another change approximately in 2009, and will start to phase out the normal refrigerant used for the past 50 years. R-22 will still be available for all the existing units still out there.

What is the new refrigerant going to be?

R-410A is the new refrigerant being used and has been out for about 10 years or so already. The refrigerant doesn’t harm the ozone layer like R-22.

Why do some companies differ so much in price for the same equipment?

There marketing budget, size of the company, quality of work, and there overhead are big reasons why they have different prices.

Do you have financing available?

Yes, we use American General Finance.

Should I need my AC recharged yearly?

No, they are sealed units and by law, the service company has to make an effort to find the leak. If they can’t find it, then they have to say what methods of leak testing they used.

How often should I change my air filter?

The throw away filters should be changed once a month. The high efficiency media air cleaners about once a year.

How often should I have my furnace/ AC checked?

At least once every other year for a new system and yearly if you have a system over 5 years old.

Does a hi-efficiency furnace save me money?

Yes, how much depends on the efficiency-the running time, and the house-some other factors as well.

How long does your typical furnace and air conditioner last?

Usually a furnace lasts about 20 years-if you have a well-built old one with a cast iron heat exchanger-these may last a lot longer but there efficiency is terrible. Air conditioners last anywhere between 15-20 years depending on how it’s maintained.

Are 90% furnaces more problematic than 80%?

All units have their breakdowns, the 90% has more things that can break down if it is not maintained, but for the most part they are very reliable and quieter.

Does a humidifier cut energy costs?

Yes, usually by as much as 20% because it adds moisture to the air which makes you feel warmer at a cooler temperature.

What is the advantage of a setback programmable thermostat?

Answer: Saves 15% in fuel efficiency by being able to control the temperature at anytime of the day-great for people who are out of town a lot.

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